Tar River GREENSCAPE No-Till Drill

Tar River GREENSCAPE No-Till Drill

  • Item #: TarRiver-GREENSCAPE No-Till Drill
Product Description

The Greenscape 750 No-Till Drill represents the latest innovation in the Greenscape line, renowned for its reliability over the past two decades of production in the US. Engineered with high-precision seed boxes and flow control, seeding becomes effortless, allowing for the drilling of various seed varieties and sizes in diverse planting conditions.

Despite its heavy-duty construction, the 750-2 model is designed to be handled by tractors with as low as 50 HP. Ideal for planting deer food plots around woodlands or precision pasture seeding in the fall, this drill boasts 10 coulters at 7 1/2” and high-precision large seed seedcups that accurately drop seeds into the openings. Additionally, a separate Legume Seedbox with high-precision seed cups dispenses seed along a "splash pan," evenly distributing small seeds over the soil.

Equipped with a packer roller system featuring Nylon rings or optional cast iron rollers, this drill effectively presses the seed into the ground and closes up the cuts made by the disc openers. Further enhancing its performance, the Greenscape 750 No-Till Drill comes with a smaller Legume Seedcup and specifications including a Three-Point Hitch Cat. 1&2, heavy tubular frame construction, ground-driven operation eliminating the need for a PTO shaft or gearbox maintenance, precise seed metering cups with individual clean-out gates, rear roller packer rings for firming and smoothing the seedbed, and a water-tight seed box with agitator shaft, calibration chart, and seeding rate chart. Additionally, it features 10 cast iron double disc openers spaced at 7.5", spring-loaded coulters for cutting through tough ground, and the option for cast iron roller rings.

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