Monroe Tufline V PLOWS

Monroe Tufline V PLOWS

  • Item #: MonroeTuf-V PLOWS
Product Description

Unlock the potential of your tractor with the Monroe Tufline® V-Plow, a heavy-duty subsoiler engineered to tackle tough soil conditions with ease. Designed to meet the demands of high-powered tractors ranging from 60 to 200 horsepower, these V-Plows deliver unparalleled performance and reliability in soil tillage and subsoiling operations.

Featuring a robust construction, the V-Plow mounts effortlessly with a three-point hitch, offering Category 2 and 3 lift pins as standard, with the option for a Category 3 Quick Hitch for added convenience. The mainframe, built from 7" x 5" tube, ensures durability and stability, providing a solid foundation for fieldwork. Choose from 28" or 32" x 1 1/4" shanks equipped with heat-treated points, allowing for efficient soil penetration and breakage.

For added versatility and customization, the Monroe Tufline® V-Plow offers a range of optional equipment, including a Gauge Wheel Kit, Implement Tires, T-1 28" Shank, T-1 32" Shank, and Category 3 Quick Hitch, allowing you to tailor your equipment to your specific needs and field conditions.

Equipped with shear bolts for added safety and peace of mind, the Monroe Tufline® V-Plow is the ultimate solution for farmers and landowners seeking reliable and efficient subsoiling equipment. Prepare your fields for optimal crop growth and maximize your tractor's potential with the Monroe Tufline® V-Plow.

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  • AvailabilityArizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming
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