• Item #: Multivato-IN ROW CULTIVATORS
Product Description

The MULTIVATOR is a cutting-edge rotary tillage apparatus engineered for the meticulous inter-row cultivation of vegetable, nursery, fruit, and field crops. It is affixed to the three-point hitch of a tractor and energized by the tractor's PTO, transferring power to a carefully selected array of rotary tiller heads, each equipped with blades tailored to cultivate the soil between rows of growing crops. Its operation effectively suppresses weed growth and transforms compacted or crusted soils into an optimal tilth.

Utilizing the MULTIVATOR provides precise control over the vital space between plant rows, reducing or eliminating the need for herbicides and fostering soil conditions conducive to moisture absorption and retention. The machine's versatility allows it to be deployed at critical stages of plant development across various crops with differing row centers. Additionally, it accommodates the reduction of inter-row spaces as plants mature and expand into the row.

The MULTIVATOR is available in three primary models to accommodate different tractors, ground conditions, and applications of varying sizes. The accompanying table outlines the general specifications for each of these models.

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