• Item #: MonroeTuf-PULL TYPE OFFSET DISCS
Product Description

Enhance your soil cultivation efforts with the Monroe Tufline® 38 Series Pull Type Offset Disc Harrows, meticulously designed to offer exceptional performance and versatility in a range of agricultural applications. Built to accommodate tractors with 50 to 80 horsepower, these heavy-duty harrows are the ideal solution for farmers and landowners seeking reliable and efficient tillage equipment.

Crafted with a robust 4" square tube mainframe and 5" x 3" square tube gang beams, the Monroe Tufline® 38 Series harrows are engineered to withstand rigorous use in demanding field conditions. The gangs feature 1 1/2" RC square gang axles equipped with triple sealed ball bearings, ensuring smooth and dependable operation.

Featuring a front-to-rear spring-loaded leveling system and a tongue and yoke system for side draft control, these harrows provide precise adjustment capabilities to suit varying field conditions. The gang angle is adjustable, and the harrows are available with tubular or shock flex gang hangers, offering flexibility to meet specific cultivation needs.

Standard features include 22" or 24" notched blades, with plain blades available as an option, facilitating optimal soil penetration and breakage. Additionally, safety chain and a mounted tongue jack come standard, enhancing convenience and safety during operation. The inclusion of a hydraulic cylinder, hoses, and tires as standard equipment further enhances the harrows' usability and functionality.

Trust in the Monroe Tufline® 38 Series Pull Type Offset Disc Harrows to deliver consistent performance and reliability, allowing you to achieve superior results in soil cultivation and preparation for increased crop yields year after year.

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  • AvailabilityArizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming
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