Tecnomec Agricola (Bison) OFFSET DISC HARROW 3-PT

Tecnomec Agricola (Bison) OFFSET DISC HARROW 3-PT

  • Item #: TecnomecA-OFFSET DISC HARROW 3-PT
Product Description

The Tecnomec Agricola (BISON) Offset Disc Harrow 3-PT is a robust and reliable implement designed to tackle tough soil preparation tasks with ease. Built by Tecnomec Agricola, known for their quality agricultural machinery, this offset disc harrow is engineered for efficiency and durability.

Featuring a three-point hitch design, this harrow is easy to attach to most tractors, providing versatility in field operations. Its offset configuration allows for greater coverage and efficiency, ensuring thorough soil tillage and preparation.

Equipped with heavy-duty discs, the Tecnomec Agricola Offset Disc Harrow effortlessly cuts through tough vegetation, residue, and soil clods, leaving behind a finely tilled seedbed ready for planting. The adjustable disc gang angle and depth control mechanism provide precision in operation, allowing farmers to customize their tillage depth and angle according to specific soil conditions and cropping requirements.

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  • AvailabilityArkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas
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