• Item #: Shaver-STUMP BUSTER - 3 POINT HITCH
Product Description

Discover the power and precision of Shaver's StumpBuster, your ultimate solution for efficient stump grinding. Whether you're a professional landscaper, a maintenance department, or handling private property, we offer both tractor-mounted and skid steer-mounted models to suit a variety of needs and operational scopes.

Tractor-Mounted StumpBusters
The PTO-powered, tractor-mounted lineup includes:

  • SC-25 StumpBuster: Ideal for tractors with lower horsepower, this model efficiently handles stumps up to 24 inches high. It features a 24-inch-diameter cutting wheel with a 55-degree cutting arc, quickly grinding down stumps to a 10-inch hole.
  • SC-50 StumpBuster: Designed for more demanding tasks, this model is compatible with tractors from 35-100 hp. It boasts a 34-inch-diameter cutting wheel that grinds stumps 12 inches below ground. Its robust design ensures reduced wear on the gearbox and bearings, prolonging the unit's life and maximizing your investment.

Skid Steer-Mounted StumpBusters
Our skid steer models offer unparalleled maneuverability and power:

  • SC-25-H: With a 24-inch cutting wheel rotating at 980 rpm, this compact model is perfect for tight spaces, delivering powerful performance down to 10 inches below ground.
  • SC-30-H: This unit features a 24-inch cutting wheel at 1200 rpm for efficient stump removal, making it ideal for quick and effective stump grinding.
  • SC-50-H: The best choice for heavy-duty stump removal jobs, this model includes a 34-inch cutting wheel that ensures rapid clearing of larger stumps.

Key Features Across the Range

  • Safety: Operate from the safety of your seat with hydraulically controlled lift and swing cylinders. A guard assembly and debris shield direct chips away from the operator, enhancing safety and easing cleanup.
  • Stability: Category I and II three-point hitch support provides stability during operation. A slip clutch under the shield protects against severe shock loads, and a convenient parking stand supports the cutter when not in use.
  • Maneuverability: Skid steer models enhance the ability to navigate around obstacles and tight spaces, making no stump unreachable.
  • Power: The hydraulic motor and robust cutting wheel turn even the toughest woods into mulch quickly, with a 55-degree cutting swath executed in under two minutes.
  • Durability: Features like carbide steel teeth and heavy-duty bearings in an oil bath ensure long-lasting performance with minimal wear.

Shaver's StumpBusters are not just tools but investments in speed, efficiency, and durability. Whether clearing a single backyard or maintaining vast public spaces, these stump grinders stand up to countless jobs and keep coming back for more. Explore more at Shaver's and find the perfect StumpBuster for your needs today.

Product Specs
  • AvailabilityLouisiana, Mississippi, Texas