Product Description

Introducing the Shaver® Universal Transport Post Driver (UTD) – the ultimate solution for quick, easy, and accurate post driving on the go. Designed with power, flexibility, and superior engineering in mind, the UTD is the ideal choice for farmers, fencing contractors, ranchers, rental stores, and highway maintenance departments.


Speed: Drive a four- to five-inch-diameter post in just 10-15 seconds, saving valuable time on every job. Plus, with the transport caddy, you can carry up to 15 five-inch posts, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.

Flexibility: The UTD is hitched to your pickup, SUV, or any tow vehicle, eliminating the need for PTOs or tractor/skid-steer hydraulics. Drive posts up to 12 feet long and 10 inches in diameter, with the option to include a pilot auger. The tongue adjusts up to 24 inches for added convenience.

Accuracy: With the ability to extend the driver unit's wheel and tilt it forward-to-back and side-to-side, you can achieve precise post placement in any conditions, ensuring a professional finish every time.

Power: Equipped with a self-contained, 13 CC Honda electric-start engine, the UTD drives even railroad ties into the ground with ease, delivering unmatched power and performance.

Safety: Offset joystick lever controls allow the operator to stand safely to the side of the driver unit, away from the impact zone. A thick rubber safety guard shields the operator's arm from debris, ensuring a safe working environment. Additionally, a standard safety arm securely positions the post in the driving ram, minimizing the risk of accidents.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Shaver® Universal Transport Post Driver and take your post driving operations to the next level. Invest in Shaver for power, reliability, and safety that you can trust.

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  • AvailabilityLouisiana, Mississippi, Texas
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