Buckeye Hydraulics AUGER-MATE

Buckeye Hydraulics AUGER-MATE

  • Item #: BuckeyeHy-AUGER-MATE
Product Description

The Buck-Eye Hydraulics Auger Mate is a versatile and powerful hydraulic power unit designed primarily for use with hydraulic augers. This unit provides a reliable and efficient solution for drilling operations, particularly in settings where traditional power sources are not available or feasible. The Auger Mate is equipped with a robust engine and a hydraulic pump, delivering the necessary power to operate various sizes and types of augers for soil drilling and other similar applications.

Its portability makes it an excellent choice for outdoor and remote projects, ensuring that users can execute their tasks without the need for direct mechanical connections to tractors or other vehicles. This setup not only increases flexibility in use but also enhances safety and ease of operation. The Auger Mate is popular among farmers, construction workers, and utility companies who require a dependable power source for extensive drilling activities.

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  • AvailabilityArkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico
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