Tecnomec Agricola (Bison) 3-PT REAR BLADES

Tecnomec Agricola (Bison) 3-PT REAR BLADES

  • Item #: TecnomecA-3-PT REAR BLADES
Product Description

The Tecnomec Agricola (Bison) 3-pt rear blades are rugged and versatile implements designed to tackle a variety of leveling, grading, and earthmoving tasks on the farm or job site. With their three-point hitch attachment, these rear blades are easily mounted to tractors, providing efficient and precise control over grading operations.

Constructed from high-quality materials and engineered for durability, Tecnomec Agricola (Bison) rear blades deliver reliable performance even in the most demanding conditions. Whether you're leveling roads, clearing snow, or maintaining ditches and driveways, these rear blades are up to the task.

Featuring adjustable tilt, angle, and offset positions, Tecnomec Agricola (Bison) rear blades offer flexibility and versatility to suit a range of applications. The blades can be angled to direct material to the left or right, tilted to adjust the cutting depth, and offset to extend the reach, providing maximum efficiency and productivity.

With their heavy-duty construction and user-friendly design, Tecnomec Agricola (Bison) 3-pt rear blades are essential tools for any agricultural or landscaping operation, delivering outstanding performance and reliability day after day.

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