Sitrex PRO 17 RAKES

Sitrex PRO 17 RAKES

  • Item #: Sitrex-PRO 17 RAKES
Product Description

The SITREX PRO/17 wheel rake is the best on the market for raking both green and dry hay, hay residue from all kinds of plants, etc. It is also suitable for large, voluminous and heavy harvests. They are made for use at a high operating speed over any terrain and for all types of fodder, always guaranteeing excellent quality work. A kit is available for transforming the PRO/17 into a PRO/19 rake.

Product Specs
  • AvailabilityAlaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wyoming
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