Ogden Metal Works HARROW CARTS

Ogden Metal Works HARROW CARTS

  • Item #: OgdenMeta-HARROW CARTS
Product Description

Unlock unparalleled efficiency with Ogden Metal Works Harrow Carts, ingeniously designed to seamlessly integrate two essential tasks into a single, robust solution. Experience the versatility of customizable penetration levels, allowing you to effortlessly switch between passive and aggressive approaches to suit your specific needs. Crafted with precision, the front and rear sections of our harrow carts offer independent adjustment, providing unmatched versatility and accuracy during operation.

Available in 38' and 42' configurations, our harrow carts feature Dual Wheel Mounts on the center section, ensuring stability and traction across various terrains. With a standard tongue size of 17' 4", our carts seamlessly integrate into your workflow, facilitating efficient and hassle-free usage.

Discover a multitude of benefits with Ogden Metal Works Harrow Carts. From pasture renovation to herbicide incorporation, these carts excel at streamlining operations and maximizing productivity. With the ability to perform one-pass applications, you can save both time and fuel while achieving superior results. Experience improved germination, root aeration, and moisture penetration, all with the self-cleaning action that minimizes downtime and maintenance.

Transform your land management and cultivation practices with Ogden Metal Works Harrow Carts, the epitome of efficiency, versatility, and performance.

Product Specs
  • AvailabilityArkansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming
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