H&S Manufacturing HIGH DUMP BOX

H&S Manufacturing HIGH DUMP BOX

  • Item #: HSManufa-HIGH DUMP BOX
Product Description

The Hi-Dump Box features: Combination 10 and 12 gauge steel tub construction. Heavy gusseted and reinforced box style frame. GVWR rating of approximately 45,000 lbs., and an empty box weight of around 15,000 lbs., the 9215 is capable of lifting and dumping approximately 30,000 lbs of product to meet the GVWR capacity. The variable dumping height gives you more versatility at harvest time. ENTIRE dumping cycle should take approximately two minutes depending on hydraulic supply output. The master/slave hydraulic system automatically rephases at the end of each cylinder stroke and has the flexibility to top off a truckload with a partial dump – not restricted to a full dump cycle. Right hand dump has a 47 degree dumping angle. (2) 27” x 16” Sight windows and (2) tub access panels. Standard highway lighting. Adjustable height single clevis swivel hitch. Telescoping/adjustable length hitch pole. Rear Tow Bar.

Product Specs
  • AvailabilityCalifornia, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington
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