• Item #: Shaver-THE EXTRACTOR
Product Description

Introducing The Extractor by Shaver®, your ultimate solution for effortless post, tree, and sapling removal. With its innovative design and superior functionality, The Extractor simplifies your land clearing tasks, allowing you to clear brush, pull out old fencing, and extract vegetation without leaving stumps behind.

Built to withstand the toughest conditions, The Extractor features hardened steel teeth that contract and expand to a remarkable 12 inches, ensuring unmatched strength and durability in every extraction. Whether you're dealing with small saplings or large fence posts, The Extractor gets the job done with ease.

Designed for versatility, The Extractor is available in both skid steer and three-point tractor mounts, providing flexibility to suit your specific equipment and application requirements. With its user-friendly operation and robust construction, The Extractor is the go-to tool for efficient and effective land clearing projects.

Experience the simplicity, strength, and flexibility of The Extractor by Shaver® and revolutionize your land clearing operations today. 

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  • AvailabilityLouisiana, Mississippi, Texas
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